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Random Digressions

Parable of the Board Member

Finances were the topic during a board meeting for an organization. Spreadsheets were on the table with columns of numbers and all of the math symbols—addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. One board member asked, “What are all those lines, the crosses, the dashes, the double dashes (equal signs) and all of that?” Other board members explained … Continue reading Parable of the Board Member

On Being From Someplace

It’s what it is to be from someplace. You see, there is a place, and I am from there, and it is in every way my beginnings and therefore a part of my core. They won a Super Bowl, so I’ve been wearing shirts that say “go team” because I’m from there. I’m from that … Continue reading On Being From Someplace

Godspeed Fine Soldiers

Last week in his address to the nation, President George W. Bush suggested that Americans write letters thanking our military. With Independence Day upon us, I think that’s a good idea, and I accept the assignment. Dear Service Members, thanks! You take the missions you’re given and you carry them out. Even if you’re not … Continue reading Godspeed Fine Soldiers

Something Fell Out of My Brain

Every now and then I have a thought or two. Sometimes they just pop right out and drop on the floor in front of me. Periodically I have to sweep them up into a neat little pile. So here they are gathered all together, individual bits of brain droppings with no particular organization. Some are … Continue reading Something Fell Out of My Brain

Dear Dave, You Let Us Down

“Dear Dave, you let us down.” That’s how I would begin a letter to a real guy named Dave whom I never met. He was the target of an elaborate April fools joke, and he didn’t show up. I’m particularly disappointed because I was to play the part of a big shot Los Angeles record … Continue reading Dear Dave, You Let Us Down