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Typewriter Random Digressions
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Sometimes I hear myself thinking, and then I end up
thinking about the things I think about when I hear myself thinking.

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You've reached Random Digressions, where you never know what's next. So I'll tell you. It's another paragraph.

And here it is to tell you that Random Digressions is a column by Dave Loebig. It is random, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, sometimes this and sometimes that, and sometimes none of that at all. In other words, the columns are random and digressive. And sometimes not.

   Dave sends his undying gratitude.

About Dave

Dave Loebig is a writer, graphic designer and instructor. He could also be called an armchair philosopher, media observer, musician, Steelers fan, humorist, a dabbler, a banterer and a bum. He lives in Seffner, Florida, a small town just outside of Brandon, which is a bigger small town just outside of Tampa.



2016 Columns

An Open Letter to Reasonable Republicans 8/17/2016


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