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4/8/04 2:26 PM
Copyright 2004 David C. Loebig

Mini Reviews of Local Shows

Several local shows were memorable standouts recently, and you’ll likely enjoy future performances from these groups.

First was the Hillsborough County Schools “Showcase of Show Choirs” held at Bloomingdale High School. This is a yearly review featuring schools throughout the county with some well executed performances and incredibly talented singers. Top performances include Visions (Riverview High School), Showcase (Gaither High School), Pride (King High School) and Ambassadors (Bloomingdale High School).

Look for the “Show Case of Show Choirs” next March. Information should be available in February at your local schools or by calling Bloomingdale High School at 744-8018.

You’ll find the second noteworthy group at the “Masque of Temple Terrace.” They presented “The Sound of Music” with stellar performances from Emily Gail Howell, Megan Sullivan, and Grace Gibbs. A community theater would be lucky to have just one of their voices; all three are a godsend. Kurt Richter (another good singer, though he didn't sing enough) gave a fun, well crafted portrayal of Max Detweiler.

Then there were the children starting at 5 years old as the Von Trapp family. They were the perfect touch of cuteness to make the show really fun to watch.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to catch “The Sound of Music,” but starting April 30 at the Masque, look for “The Mousetrap,” an Agatha Christie mystery. If you want a musical, look for “The Fantastik’s” in September. You can find more information at

Finally, there’s the most fun Brandon has all year at the May 22 “Brandon Idol” show. Billed as “Random Acts of Entertainment, Senseless Acts of Silliness,” it’s a fun mix of real talent and amusing acts. Benefiting the Brandon Outreach Clinic, tickets ($25) are available at BankAtlantic on the corner of Lumsden Road and Lithia Pincrest Road, at the Brandon Outreach Clinic or by calling 685-9206. The show is held at the Brandon Elks Lodge. More information is at


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