Optimism for America – Some Day It Will Be 2038

The future is coming. Some day it will be 2038.

Some day, the inside stories about the Republican Party and Trump will be told, laid bare for posterity to know and understand.

Future generations will be educated about the Trump-GOP cabal: the lies, the unprincipled lust for power, the cadre of bigots, misogynists and xenophobes as well as the venality of everybody going along with it.

For the GOP, conservatives and Christian politics, the future is bleak. Their ranks and influence will decline as the stain of Trump soaks in and befouls the veneer of principle.

It’s already started. The Republican Party has lost supporters since 2016. Maybe it’s only 5%, but that’s significant. A change of 5% means a 10% swing at the polls, and that changes lots of elections.

Once Republicans lose power, real oversight will uncover the malfeasance. Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation will tell a story, perhaps a very damning one. Researchers will document the backroom schemes. Insiders will release books. Future voters will be well informed about the wreckage perpetrated by the Republican Party.

When Trump is no longer president, no longer a useful idiot, the Republican Party will dump him.  To whitewash their image, Republicans will denounce his vileness and blame everybody else for their Faustian bargain. Trumpism will be widely reviled as the malignancy it is.

Some day it will be 2038. Before that, it will be 2020 and 2022 and 2024. Republicans will lose elections. The GOP will have to renounce ignorance, spite and vindictiveness, or a new party of former members will emerge. In the meantime, losses will mount.

By 2038, the backlash against Trump will have thrashed the GOP into the 21st century, or it will become the perennial minority. Those are the only choices for the Party of Trump. The Trump-Republican regime has provoked a lasting, transformational change in the political DNA of this country. American politics will be more liberal than we can imagine today.

The future is coming. Some day it will be 2038. It’s a reason for optimism.


PS – This seems like a prediction. But since 2016, I’m wary of making predictions, so I call this a here’s-what-it-seems-like-is-going-happen prognosis. It’s not a prediction. (How’s that for hedging? LOL )


None of this is guaranteed. There’s lots to be done. Get involved, do what you can do to influence future elections. Vote.