An Open Letter to Reasonable Republicans

American needs and deserves better.

Dear Reasonable Republicans,

American needs the return of a reasonable Republican Party.

This country will benefit from the return of a reasonable Republican Party. A Party with a priority on managing the business of public affairs. A Party reasonable enough to have influence.

We need a strong party that asks why and how much it costs. Keeping the books is important. Standing up for a strong military and a well resourced criminal justice system is important. A call for “less government” in public debate is important, too. It’s reasonable to question anything government does and expect justification for virtually every dime spent. That’s not to say you get everything you want all the time. It just doesn’t work that way. But we still need a reasonable counterbalance to the general idea of “more government”.

“Reasonable” is not what we have with the GOP. What we have now…well, I’m stupefied by the Republican Party in 2016. What criticism can I add that you can’t find on a quick search? None, but I can summarize in one word. Trump. That’s where the GOP has led us.

Whatever else you can say about America in 2016, Trump isn’t a solution. He might be a reaction by an angry sect, but…he’s…well, stupefying. He is not a way forward. If you’ve read this far, Reasonable Republicans, you already understand the problems of Trump. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m urging you to do something. I’m urging you to exercise you’re ability to respond. I’m urging you to exercise responsibility. Consider voting against the GOP this year. It won’t change anything quickly, but a big hit throughout the party will force the organization to change. The next wave of elections will look significantly different if the Party is forced to clean house, top to bottom, within and throughout.

You can get involved with your Party. Contact your representatives and party heads at the local, state or national level. Volunteer. Run for office. Try to make a direct impact. Of course, it’s easy to say, but it takes time and energy to get involved. It’s not easy. But please, in any way you can, urge and demand a change.

Make no mistake, the GOP is changing. The only question is how. Perhaps the current organization will right itself. Perhaps it will languish on as the party of rage, sapped by the infection of hate. Perhaps it will split into two parties. I don’t know what to expect.

But I’m sure of this: This country benefits when the Republican Party acts reasonably and influences policy with a focus on making government more efficient. That won’t happen if the GOP is marginalized as the party of “crazy”.

Please do something.

America needs a reasonable Republican Party. Otherwise, we need a new party of the Reasonable Republicans.